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Tara M. Fass, Agent/LMFT

LMFT CA License #35078
Real Estate Agent #01865459
Co-Parent Educator
Parent Plan Mediator

(323) 333-4340

Tara Fass, LMFT

 Tara Fass, Agent/LMFT

Brief Background

Tara M. Fass, LMFT is a therapist in addition to being a real estate agent.  Tara understands the emotional components of buying and selling a home. Tara Fass brings to the table her listening skills, empathy and a genuine desire to have clients achieve their goals and objectives.    

If the circumstances of your divorce require the sale of your home. Tara M. Fass, LMFT has 20 years of experience helping families work through the process of separation and child custody arrangements.  Tara Fass is a writing contributor to the "Home Growers Circle" on  Tara looks forward to hearing from you in the good times or during rough circumstances.