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Peter McNeil, MBA Real Estate Tax Specialist

Tax Planning

Unlike most other real estate brokers, Comprehensive Financial Solutions, Inc. may also help you with the related tax analysis of your real estate transaction, whether purchase or sale or transfer to another generation. Benefit from the services of our colleague, Peter McNeil, a licensed tax preparer with over 25 years' experience providing tax advice and preparing returns for individuals, families and businesses. Peter has a special expertise in real estate tax issues which we make available to you as part of our real estate brokerage services. Lewis Perkins is also a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional (CFP ®) and a graduate of San Francisco State University with a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA)..

Basic Real Estate Planning Services

1)  For buyers - Evaluation of cash flow for personal residence affordability. Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet analysis.
2)  Sources of funds and tax credits/deductions available for the 1st time home buyers.
3)  IRC 1031 opportunities for investment properties.
4)  Calculating tax on sale of primary personal residence. How much cash will be realized after the sale? IRC 121.

5)  Exceptions that qualify taxpayers for partial exclusion of taxes on home sales.
6)  Review of tax issues for clients selling due to a divorce.

7)  “Seniors” transferring their property tax to another property in certain counties; CA Propositions 60, 90, 110.
8)  Tax issues in converting primary residence to a rental property.
9)  Review of reverse mortgage programs. There really are different types and which, if any, is right for you?
10)  CA Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance may protect equity in your home.
11)  Exclusion from Reappraisal for Property Tax in transfers to Children & Grandchildren; CA Propositions 58, 193.
12)  Understanding property loan issues over different time horizons.